Artist Submissions


Time is the only luxury we cannot afford


The Gagliardi Gallery presents established and emerging artists from all around the world ranging from Old Masters to contemporary talents. Our policy in relation to living artists who wish to present their work in our gallery is to do a trial period of one month. Art is very subjective and so we need to make sure that the artist is right for the gallery and received well by the market. Considering the number of applications we receive, we cannot afford the "wait and see" attitude and so we accelerate the process through exposure.

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Bronze head by Sir Henry Moore

How it works:

  • An artist provides an artwork (approved by the gallery curators) on a sale or return basis for one month (commission to be established on an individual basis).
  • Prices and sizes of artworks must be approved by the gallery and discussed with the artist.
  • Four artworks of different artists are published on a full page of the Official Saatchi Museum Magazine to create interest and test the market.
  • If sufficient interest is gathered or the artwork is sold in the trial period, the gallery will continue its collaboration with the artist.
  • The gallery will also print 200 A4 leaflets for use in the gallery that includes a critique by the International Confederation of Art Critics, the artwork image and artist biography.
This prestigious magazine exposure benefits the artist, regardless of the outcome of the trial period, and so the related costs are split between the gallery and the artist. The artist also receives 10 copies of the magazine and a certificate of exhibition from the gallery.
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Official Saatchi Museum Magazine (printed)

Your work on one of the most important museum magazines in the world.

  • Saatchi Museum Magazine full page advert.
  • Each applying artist is published with other three other artists on a full page ad.
  • Readership of 250,000 people (quarter of a million).
  • Only three editions per year so the ad will be on show for several months.
  • The magazine is distributed in the Saatchi Museum in London.
  • Read by curators, collectors, art critics and high potential people.
  • The gallery will also print 200 A4 colour leaflets for use in the gallery (artwork on the front and artist biography/information on the back).
  • The artist will also receive 50 copies of the A4 leaflet


Benefits for artist and CV:

  • Prestigious Magazine Exposure
  • A4 Gallery leaflets with an art critique
  • To understand if London is the right market for your work with a work on trial at Gagliardi Gallery
  • If sufficient interest is gathered or the artwork is sold in the trial period, the gallery will continue its collaboration with the artist.


Total Investment: £2,500 inc. VAT

If you are interested in showing your work with us for the trial period and having your work published on the official printed Saatchi Museum Magazine, please pay a deposit of £250 below.  We will then contact you on the email address provided at payment.
If you are not accepted for the trial period, the deposit is returned to you in full.