Advait Kolarkar "Alluring Illusions"


Advait Kolarkar

"Alluring Illusions"

12th - 22nd May 2022

advait kolarkar gagliardi gallery london

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At 8 months old, Kolarkar was given food colourings to play with by his mother, where the depth of his imagination manifested on the kitchen floor externalised naturally into eloquent compositions. When Kolarkar learnt to speak, colours dominated his vocabulary, and at the age of 2 years old, he could differentiate between Naples Yellow and Cadmium Yellow, and Burnt Sienna from Raw Sienna. Kolarkar’s senses for nature and seasons also translated into physical forms through his choice of paint tones. It was when his mother casually showed his work to the Art2Day gallery in Pune, that professional curators immediately showed interest in the young artist and eagerly enquired to observe him painting in his element. 
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"Alluring Ilusions" was inaugurated by Her Excellency, Gaitri Issar Kumar, High Commissioner of India to the UK
Kolarkar’s paintings continue to flourish in reflection of his ever-growing imagination as he becomes older throughout the years. Kolarkar possesses an excellent sense of self-control as his artworks are never overworked, nor carry an overbearing excessiveness. The artist could take ten minutes to over two hours painting, however long until his envisions are captured perfectly on the canvas. 
advait kolarkar gagliardi gallery london lady frederick windsor
Lady Sophie Windsor with Advait Kolarkar at the opening his first solo show in Europe
Kolarkar’s first exhibition was in Art2Day Gallery, India, followed by City of Saint John Gallery, Canada, and Artexpo New York, USA - titled as a Child Prodigy as honoured in the Global Child Prodigy Award 2020. Kolarkar’s immeasurable talent has been covered by news platforms internationally such as the BBC, Evening Standard, Pune Mirror, and CBC among many others. Advait Kolarkar is no doubt a distinguished acclaimed artist, recognised worldwide for his sophisticated compositions and vivacious Abstract Expressionist artworks that are far beyond his age.
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