Original artwork by Samuel Carl Robinson

Samuel Carl Robinson
Artwork Title: 
Acrylic on canvas
Samuel has exhibited his work all around the world including at the London Art Biennale 2013. He was selected and exhibited beside 130 artists from 40 different nations. At a very early age Samuel started using anything he could get his hands on to draw, paint or express himself and in these years he became very experimental with earth, sand and rocks. His parents would play music while he created art and they encouranged him to use canvses and acrylics. At the age of 10 Samuel already had artworks exhibited in the hallways of his school and later started to work with international galleries all around the world.
The inspiration of the Earth is a big aspect in Samuel's work and he still uses sand and mixed media elements in his paintings to this day. In fact, he has a very special connection with nature and each painting is aimed at capturing the immense perfection of nature in its imperfection. Samuel knows that he can never compare to nature's beauty but wishes to communicate its quiet serenity.