Original artwork by Giancarlo Scarsi

Giancarlo Scarsi
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82 x 112 cm

Giancarlo Scarsi was born in Alessandria, Italy, in 1956. Scarsi studied Architecture at the University of Turin in 1981. Scarsi has taken part in exhibitions internationally including the London Art Biennale and shows at the Chianciano Art Museum where he won first prize for the International Confederation of Art Critics Award.

Giancarlo Scarsi paints sensations, moments and places where he has been and where he would like to be. Mysterious and faceless characters leaving space to the imagination and to the unavoidable introspection from which the single painting projects itself towards the inner places of the human soul. The observer picks up the importance of silence, the protagonist of the work "Senza Tempo" which means "Timeless".

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